Corporate Citizenship

For Marine Tours, CSR not only consists of “doing the right thing,” but also of behaving responsibly as an organization.

Due to that fact, the decisions we make are not based only on the financial expectations of our stakeholders, but also on the social and environmental impact of our operations.

As part of the company's commitment to contributing to the well-being of the communities in which we operate, we provide tangible results in the five strategically selected pillars of our corporate citizenship program:

Environment - Our Global Heritage

Marine Tours recognizes its responsibility to protect the environment and to help ensure its health and well-being for generations to come.

In this regard, our corporation -in association with AFIS*- has installed at its headquarters, a special bin for recycling waste batteries, where the collected ones have to be recycled.

Under this action, we aim to protect the water and soil from hazardous to public health substances and reduce our corporate carbon footprint to ensure the environmental sustainability of our growth.

*The AFIS is approved by the Ministry (YPEXODE) for recycling of portable batteries in Greece.

Education - Our Business Present

Marine Tours recognizes that supporting education today is critical to the success of our company and our communities tomorrow. By educating our key stakeholders and giving them access to the latest innovative knowledge, we drive the development of the business world and contribute to the social advancement.

Maritime Trends Conference by Marine Tours

Marine Tours are organizing, every year, a one day Shipping Conference titled “Trends in Crew Management” totally free. The presentations offered by Professors in shipping as well as accomplished Professionals within the field will gain insight on the new trends of crew management.

The conference addressed to all the crew managers of shipping companies and our target is to offer valuable and useful insights regarding the latest trends in crew management from both the academic as well as the professional world. All the participants have the chance to gain a scholarship for studying a part time Master’s (MA) Degree in Shipping at BCA.

Employees training programs

We believe in our people more than any other unique resource, that made our business so successful. Therefore, we aim to build a strong workforce and the next generation business leaders to innovate and prosper.

In this context, Marine Tours develops every year , numerous in-house training programs tailored to the needs of individual employees, in order to help them sharpen their skills and expertise.

Children - Our Nation's Future

According to the latest UNISEF research, unfortunately only one in 10 companies (11%) rate children's issues as one of their top CSR priorities.

Our company’s vision is a world of social well-being and we strongly believe that enhancing children smiles can strongly contribute to that. To achieve such a goal, we have made children one of our top CSR priorities and have conducted numerous related activities the last years.


Marine Tours brought together the business world under a unique charity event, the “ALL CEO GAME”!

This charity basketball match was held in cooperation with Olympiacos BC, as Marine Tours is a proud sponsor of the team, and aimed to support the Pan Hellenic parents association of children with cancer "Floga".

The players, top business executives, did their best to contribute to this goal, since as the higher the number of points scored in the game, the higher the monetary contribution of Marine Tours to the Association.

Through Marine Tours’ donation, “Floga” supplied the Oncology Department of the Children's Hospital "Agia Sophia", with a digital image processing station, a very crucial tool regarding more accurate diagnosis and more efficient treatment for the disease.


Under the above mission, we have partnered with Junior Achievement Greece, a worldwide non- profit organization, which helps children to value free enterprise through educational programs.

Under these extensive year-round activities we are not only providing funds to support JA operations, but also raising awareness among our clients, partners, and employees, making them part of our vision for a better world.

For more information about JA Greece, click here

SOS Children Villages of Greece

SOS Children’s Villages of Greece provide abandoned, orphaned and destitute children with a new and permanent home. The children receive a suitable education and sound preparation for independence in adult life.

Marine tours stands alongside SOS Children's Villages by organizing an event dedicated to the children! This event had a unique character, not only because Marine Tours offered joy to all her guests but because it contributed to the basic needs of SOS Children's Villages, by pooling resources for their benefit.


KAAPV (more commonly known as PIKPA) is a state institution that hosts about 100 handicapped children and youngsters from 1 to 30 years old. They have moderate to heavy physical and mental disabilities. Most are abandoned by their parents and have little contact with their family.

Marine Tours -in partnership with Aegean Airlines- supports the operations of the organization, offering to its employees Easter Gifts, made by PIKPA children.



Marine Tours, proudly support and strengthen the efforts of the top marathon runner Popi Astropekaki, as an official sponsor.

This action is not merely in the context of corporate social responsibility of Marine Tours but carries far-reaching significance for the company, due to the values of fair play, durability, constant and sustained effort to develop and improve, distinguishes and its own development all this years in the industry that Marine Tours is active.

Οlympiacos BC

Marine Tours, with great pleasure, announces its entry into the Olympiacos BC sponsorship program as the club’s "Official Travel Agency.

Culture- The culture of our nation

Marine Tours recognizes that supporting cultural projects is catalytic for the future of our nation.

Marine Tours  contribute and participates in a project for a Greek nation without borders. As a key supporter of the Center for Ecumenical Hellenism supports the effort being made for the promotion of Hellenism and our remarkable history, but above all support the Greeks who are scattered all over the world.

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Established in 1980, Marine Tours' first office began operating in Piraeus. Its fundamental business objective at that time was to operate in the realm of travel services for shipping companies located around the Piraeus harbor.


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